Employees Resist Change

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Mariane P. Salmasan

Why Do Employees Resist Change

The normal and natural reaction to change is resistance. Every individual has a threshold for how much change they can absorb. This resistance is inevitable and that management must be prepared to respond to it.

In his article on why do employees resist change, Paul Strebel described that managers and employees view change differently. Both groups know that vision and leadership drive successful change, but far too few leaders recognize the ways in which individuals commit to change to bring it about. Managers see
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Yet the projected improvements in costs and market share did not materialize quickly enough. At the end of van der Klugt’s tenure, Philips was facing the biggest operating loss in the company’s history. What happened to the company was that the employees’ personal compacts favored maintaining the status quo, so resistance to change was imbedded in the culture. Now comes Timmer, the new CEO of Phillips. Timmer realized that he needed to reach deep into the organization and closely manage and lead the initiation of change. His approach was a dramatic one that in fact it was a shock treatment. Everyone was informed that the company is in the brink of bankruptcy and that everybody would have to contribute. He knew that he could not accomplish his goals unless managers and subordinates of the company are also committed to the change. Employees’ concern about the corporate’s initiative needed to be addressed. Workshops and training programs of employees at all levels were done so as to answer questions and talk about the future and the consequences of the change. This style encouraged the employees to support Timmer that eventually it became clear that everyone was listening and the company was changing. All in all, most of the times, when implementing changes in an organization, managers need to revisit personal compacts and revise these compacts in order to effectively effect the change. According to the article, revision


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