Influence of the Eu on Democracy in the Uk

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Influence of the EU on Democracy in the UK

One of the objectives of the creation of the European Union was to develop a single market and remove trading barriers so there would be standardisation of technical regulations and convergence of conditions between European markets. With this in mind, it saw the need for employers and employees to work together in order to achieve this.
The main statement of the European social policy is the Social Charter (approved by 11 of the then 12 member states) which seeks to improve working and living conditions and ensure the effective use of human resource across the EU. This policy seeks to guarantee rights to individuals in areas such as freedom of movement, improved living and working standards,
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Their suggestions are not binding but must be considered.
The supervisory board is made up of worker representatives and other members elected by the shareholders (these are in companies employing over 500 people). They generally oversee the overall direction of the business.
The third method, the management board, is generally responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business.
Sweden has adopted a similar approach to industrial democracy. They have used techniques such as job enrichment and quality of life working programmes. They differ in the sense that they are more unionised than Germany. They have an average of 80% union membership.
Other countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, France, and Spain also have co-determination models. However, there is a smaller range of issues open to employee approval in these countries. In the Netherlands and Belgium, companies have to also supervisory and management boards.
In Trinidad and Tobago, employee representatives (trade union representatives) are part of supervisory boards and works council. They must be informed of changes that affect trade union members and consulted on issues such as working conditions, health and safety, and pay structures. It is important to note that this is only in organizations that have agreed to have a recognized majority union represent their employees. Some organizations have implemented techniques such as job enrichment and work-life balance


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