Case Study Problems Perrier

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1. Identify the key elements of the resistance to change described in this situation.

To identify the key elements of the resistanceto change described in this situation, one may make use of the six Change Approaches of Kotter and Schlesinger.[1]The model prevents, minimizes or descreases resistance to change in organizations. According to Kotter and Schlesinger (1979), there are four reasons that why people resist change, three of which are applicable to this case:

The Parochial self-interest occurs when people are concerned with the impact of the change on themselves and how it may affect their own interests, rather than considering the effects for the success of the business. The union suggests this of Nestles. Jean-Paul Franc, head
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When employees are involved in the change effort, they are more likely agree with the change rather than resist. This approach is likely to lower resistance and those who merely acquiesce to change.

3. Negotiation and Agreement
Someone or some group may lose out in a change and where that individual or group has considerable power to resist. This would be effective in dealing with the union at Perrier. This can be done by allowing change resistors to veto elements of change that are threatening. Another way is that change resistors can be offered incentives to leave the company through early buyouts or retirements in order to avoid having to experience the change effort. This approach is appropriate where those resisting change are in a position of power, like the CGT.

4. Explicit and Implicit Coercion
This is a last resort approach where speed in change is essential. Managers can explicitly or implicitly force employees into accepting change by making clear that resisting changing can lead to losing jobs, firing, transferring or not promoting employees. Working together with CGT, Nestles can negotiate a projected percentage of increased production or otherwise the suggested number of layoffs (15%) will be required.

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