Public Services Level 3: Crime and Its Effects on Society Task 2

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BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary/Extended Diploma in Public Services
Unit 12: Crime and its Effects on Society
Assignment 2: Effects of crime and how the public services support victims and witnesses of crime

In this assignment I will be examining and investigating the effects of crime on individuals, communities and business and discussing the role of services that support victims of crime and witness. There are a lot of people and communities that are impacted negatively by crime. However in the public service, there are approaches used in order to reduce crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour. This is done by using websites and wardens to keep track of recent crimes. Also I will be writing about how both public and third sector
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People may think that the business has low standards because of the area that they are in. Relating to the broken window theory, if criminal damage is done to a business, and isn’t fixed or had any punishments towards the criminals, people may think it is okay to create more criminal damage on that business. However if the business stays it may try improve the community and get results quicker than just a regular person complaining about the crime levels would. Overall the impact of crime on businesses is bad as whichever way it goes, it will be a loss of money and it will not be as respected business as a business in a low crime area would be.
Crime also has a major impact on the communities in which crime happen.
The impact does not just only impact individuals and businesses, it will also affect the community as a whole, it can be given up on after a while of heavy crime, and the more time that the crime is going unpunished, the more criminals are going to commit crime. If there are criminals within the community, other people within the community will feel secluded and helpless against the crime resulting in a untrusting and unwelcoming community. This will also make no one want to visit or live there which will affect the community’s income, leading to the area having less and less appeal. The less resources


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