Bsbpmg522A Undertake Project Work

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To demonstrate competence in this unit you will need to show that you can design and develop a project plan. Your task is to select an idea, improvement or opportunity that could be applied in a business operation. Describe the business and the project you might initiate. You will need to describe and define the project in context. Explain why such a project would be beneficial. What procedures might you use to ensure that the project was sponsored and supported by the organisation?
Define the project, write a project narrative and develop a project plan, including the processes that would be used to manage financial, technical, human and physical resources.
In developing your project plan, consider:
1. Who are your project’s
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Having an online website the restaurant can also place links to Urban Spoon and other restaurant review site so when people are researching where they want to get a meal from they can easily find the rating and reviews of the Restaurant.
Organisational Objectives
• To develop a modern and stylish website for The Twilight Zone Take Away Restaurant
• To provide an easy solution for customers and clients
• To develop an image that represents The Twilight Zone Take Away Restaurants vision statement
• To reach a broader target market and attract new clientele
Project Approach
The Project Manager, Ashleigh Cooper, has the overall authority and responsibility for managing and executing this Project Plan. The owner (Project Sponsor) of The Twilight Zone will have final authority over all major decisions and funding. The project team will consist of external contractors from Web Developer who will report directly to the Project Manager through the duration of the project.
The Project Team, as they are an external contractor will still report to their organisation managers who will continuously report items of concern, delays, change on personnel to the Project Manager.
Project Scope
The scope of The Twilight Zone Take Away Restaurant website development project includes the planning, design, development, and testing of the website and its functions and apps within. This includes photo shoots to


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