Organizational Change Part I

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Organizational Change Plan Part 1
HCS 587

Organizational Change Plan Part 1
Organizational change is difficult, although necessary to support growth and excellence in the market place. The concept of change can have negative connotations among employees, especially if change implementations have not been successful in the past. This paper is going to describe the need for change, barriers to change, factors that might influence change, readiness for change, the theoretical change model that relates to the change, and resources that support change implementation.
The Need for Change
The health care system in western Oregon has identified the need to implement Language of Caring to support improvements in patient experience of care
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29). Unfreezing pertains to changing group norms and standards. Moving is the second stage in Lewin’s model and refers to group members alter their patterns of behavior through the redesign of organizational roles, relationships and accountabilities (Spector, 2010). The organization referred to in this paper is providing mandatory education forums in three phases which address all nine modules in the Language of Caring program. Refreezing is the final stage in this model where the new behaviors and norms are institutionalized (Spector, 2010). This stage addresses sustainability and aligns control systems and rewards with performance. The organization referred to in this paper has identified a two percent compensation package associated with provider CAHPS performance.
Resources Needed to Support the Change Initiative In order to support the change initiative, various subject matter experts are needed to participate. A program manager would be desired to help keep the project on task. A change management team would be nice to have to coordinate and schedule trainings, and communication to leadership and staff. Credentialed educators would be helpful to deploy to departments to support the prescribed rollouts. Leadership support is necessary to provide the messaging which includes the present status of the organization, the reason that change is needed, what the effects would be if change is not implemented, and


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