Human Side of Management

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The Human side of management (Webster's New World Dictionary, 2000) defines management as the control or guide, to have control or to succeed in doing. (Teal, November-December 1996) According to the writer it was stated that great management requires leaders to learn some difficult lessons of there own. In many organizations we have come to realize that many of the struggles which they face come from upper management positions such as the mangers. In many cases when an employee is asked about their job they tend to primarily complain about management. According to (Teal, November-December 1996) the biggest barrier which managers seem to face are towards change, innovation and new ideas it is very often a management issue. It is often the …show more content…

Nevertheless for many employees, however, including middle managers, change is neither sought after nor welcomed within the organization. It is disruptive and intrusive.

Upper class managers consistently misjudge the effect of this gap on their relationships with subordinates and on the effort required to win acceptance of change. In order for a change to take place managers on all classes must learn to see things differently. They must put themselves in their employees shoes from time to time in order to understand how change looks from that perspective and to examine the terms of the "personal compacts" between employees and the company.Various questions which are often asked What am I supposed to do for the organization. What help will I get to do the job? How and when will my performance be evaluated, these are all questions which often need to be answered.

In concluding challenges are often always faced and this is where management has to seek to step in and show “the human side of management” within today’s working environment, managers should tend to thrieve and follow various rituals and formalities, they should also seek to further reward employees by being openminded and willing to explore new options.

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