Management Assignment2

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Executive Summary
The report is based from the case study of Sir Charles Wilberforce Hospital, which aimed to investigate the major problems in leadership style, lack of communication and staff motivation.
The mismatch leadership style will be solved throughout delegation Keith’s power to another supervisor in order to help encourage a more democracy leadership into the workplace. The expected outcome is to create an effective leadership style where it increase problem solving and decision making skills as well as increase the relationship between employees and Keith.
A recommendation for an ineffective communication problem is to set up a weekly meetings and consultations every Monday morning. This will encourage a two-way communication
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2. Statement of Key problems
The major problems in the case study are leadership, communication and motivation.
An inappropriate leadership style used in the case study cause negative impacts on the working environment at Sir Charles Wilberforce Hospital. Not only the manager cannot lead the employees to achieve organization goals effectively and efficiently but also develop negative relationships between manager and employees as well.

The limited communication in an organization affects the relationship between employer and employees as it shorten the opportunity for employees to understand about their jobs. Moreover, they will not know how improve their skills in order to achieve an organization’s goal without employer’s feedback

Dissatisfaction towards jobs in on organization stops employees from being motivated to achieve an organization’s objectives. Employees need to be satisfy with the company policy, relationship in the workplace and their personal life in order to increase their working performances.

3. Generation and evaluation of alternative solutions

3.1 Leadership
1. Train Keith
Improve and develop appropriate leadership skills to Keith through professional management class.

Improve leadership skills
Improve organization’s overall performances

Keith feel disrespected and intimidated

Transfer authority to someone else while