Synergetic Solutions Report

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Synergetic Solutions Report
Virginia Grant
October 3, 2011
Professor Michael Ballif

Synergetic Solutions Report
This internal report will discuss the upcoming changes within Synergetic Solution, it will cover internal and external forces of change as well as factors that leaders need to consider when implementing change strategies. It will describe change models and the communication necessary to implement changes, following an examination of at least five resistance types . Finally, it will examine which of these types of resistance leaders are likely to experience and strategies to manage each resistance.
Synergetic Solutions faced several forces of change starting with the main external forces of change in technology.
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This is especially a factor when there are compensation decisions pending the outcome of the individuals’ performance.
When implementing a change strategy successfully, leaders in this organization need to consider that employees may initially resist the change due to simply not truly understanding the reasoning behind the change. Educating and communication clearing throughout the organization is vital to successfully implementing a change strategy. Ensuring that each and every individual that will be affected by the change clearly knows how, when and where and why the change the change is happening and what is means to them. Communicating this information throughout the organization must be done universal so that the message does not become unreliable. Data should be presented that shows highlights of improvements to help build the support and commitment from the employees. Showing the employees that their hard work is playing off and it is also being recognized goes a long way in building the support. By doing this, it will minimize several factors that cause resistance to arise.
In addition, when selecting new employees ensure they are compatible to change is another key tool need when change is involved. There are several different types of surveys employers are giving to applicants to score their likelihood to successes within the organization based on the needs of the