The Darkside of Whistleblowing

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Being a Whistleblower – Advantages and Disadvantages Whistleblowers are strong and brave people, for example employees, who recognize a wrong behavior of someone or their organization and want to do something against it in order to see that this behavior, or the wrong actions taken, are corrected – for them it is a matter of ethical responsibility, and they need to do it to feel comfortable in their skin. An advantage of this behavior is that the Whistleblowers feel a deep satisfaction making a substantial contribution toward the welfare of society. Of course, personal gratification isn’t the only benefit of becoming a whistleblower. For example, in qui tam cases under the federal False Claims Act, Congress decided to give whistleblowers …show more content…
Procedural justice holds that rules should be clearly stated and consistently and impartially enforced (R.L. Daft & D. Marcic, 2013). But the feds do not act on the interest of everyone. Like whistleblowers themselves, the feds have a profit motive: They bring in $13 for each dollar spent prosecuting a case, and whistleblowers provide 52% of all U.S. government fraud recoveries, says Taxpayers Against Fraud, the whistleblower lawyers’ lobby (N. Weinberg, 2005). This behavior might upset different interest groups.

Recommendations for TAP Pharmaceutical
The best defense against any type of whistleblower is a strong ethics foundation; operational transparency; and effective, enforceable corporate governance. Don't break the law, don't tolerate those who do, and encourage integrity and honesty (M. Ulsch, 2013). The HR department of TAP Pharmaceutical should have tried to talk to the employees to find out that there were people questioning the actions taken. A good step for every company is a Whistleblower policy to encourage employees to tell the managers if something against the company’s ethical statements is going on internally.
Becoming a Whistleblower
The author would become a Whistleblower under certain ethical incidents. If individuals are threatened by actions taken from a company or by a single employee or manager, the author would take her own necessary steps to help the individual overcome this


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