Managerial Obsolescence

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1) How do organizations cope with/postpone prospered obsolescence of managerial personnel.
How do organizations cope with/postpone prospered obsolescence of managerial personnel. Discuss the role of leadership in the process. Explain with an example from an organization known to you. Please describe the organization briefly

Obsolescence of managerial personnel is a situation where managers cannot keep up with the latest technology or are not as well-qualified as more junior staff
Postponement obsolescence
Postponement obsolescence refers to a situation where technological improvements are not introduced to a product, even though they could be. One possible example is when an auto manufacturer develops a new feature for its line of
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Mineral Makeup helps remain young to manager and not out of date. An aerospace company designates its senior engineering managers as consultants to its groups of young engineers, thus providing the right outlet for their rich experience.
Training programmers aim to provide or improve knowledge and skills which can help the manager improve his performance on the job. Many companies regularly sponsor their senior managers to attend such training programmes. Other companies invite experts to their own company premises to courses, and basic course in functional areas workshops. Training programmes, refresher courses, and basic courses in functional areas are the solution for managers facing knowledge obsolescence.
These training programmes are not restricted to senior managers alone. In fact, younger managers can also benefit from these programmes, especially those which provide knowledge of other functional areas such as production for non-production managers. Also beneficial for the young managers are workshops aimed at training them for the top level managements posts.
Sustaining Leadership Effectiveness
Leadership has a formal aspect (as in most political or business leadership) or an informal one (as in most friendships). Speaking of “leadership” (the abstract term) rather than of “leading” (the action) usually it implies that the entities doing the


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