Employee Selections and Training Paper

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Employee Selection and Training
The following paper will cover three real world examples of how organizations have used industrial/ organizational psychology to select and train employees. These examples are human resource departments with companies, and more specifically, Taco Bell and McDonald’s. There will be a discussion of methods used to measure the levels of success of each training program. Lastly there will be a discussion of any legal and or ethical concerns that may arise in the implementation of each training program.
Human Resources Selection and Training Many organizations have a hard time getting qualified applicants to apply for certain positions. So the first challenge is getting enough people to apply to a particular
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The organization now proposes quarterly training for employees, and is on the path to training over 700,000 people in Yum’s Customer Mania program, which in part allows frontline employees to resolve customer disputes. (Workforce.com/YUM) The whole program is centered on listening to customers, and it recognizes employees who go the extra mile in the name of customer service. "The No. 1 or 2 reasons why people leave companies is that they don’t feel recognized," says Jenny Bean, employment marketing manager at Yum! Brands Inc.
Similar to Taco Bell, McDonald’s employees go through several different job- related trainings. Often the new hire will experience on-the-job training, during which he or she will be shown the necessary steps in their assigned tasks. For instance, if a person is assigned to the crew and asked to cook fries, he or she will be shown how to properly prepare the fries by the trainer. Other tasks that the new hire will be expected to perform, such as clocking in and out for shifts or asking for time off will be conveyed to him or her during an employee orientation. This is done in a conference environment. Safety courses and other employee training courses are offered periodically. Some of these courses are offered online, while others are done in training sessions within the restaurants. McDonald’s corporate employees evaluate the efficiency of nearly every


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