Training Strategy Proposal

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Training Strategy Proposal
Training and development imply changes, particularly changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes, or social behaviors, and although many strategies exist for effecting change, training and development are common and important ones. Organizations exist everywhere and with each organization it has its own set of objectives to function effectively. To have an organization function effectively, the organization must subdivide its overall objectives into various jobs. Jobs differ in their requirements, similarly, people differ in aptitudes, abilities, and interests, and along many other dimensions. Faced with such variability in jobs and their requirements on the one hand, and with people and his or her individual
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Analyzing the employees needs is central to the process of training and every other aspect of designing and delivering a training presentation depends upon the needs of the employees. Additionally, in analyzing the needs of the employees, it is also important to consider the needs of the organization. To analyze the needs of Kudler, it should be aligned with Kudler's needs to achieve its mission (Beebe, Mottet & Roach, 2004). In the design of training, learning and transfer are two aspects that need to be considered. To facilitate learning, the design must also address the motivation of the trainees and the environment in which training will take place (Blanchard & Thacker, 2007). Because Kudler is a smaller company using a less formal style of training would most likely be a better fit for the company. Evidence indicates that small businesses that use a more informal strategic planning process can be more effective than those using more formal processes.

A training strategy to move Kudler' mission and vision forward should include diversifying the learning portfolio through providing more learning opportunities than just traditional training programs. These opportunities may include informal learning that occurs on the job through interactions with peers; new job experiences; personalized learning opportunities using mentors, coaches, and feedback customized to the employee needs; and the use of technology. The next strategy


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