predicting crime with the unifrom crime reporting system

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Predicting Crime With the Uniform Crime Reporting System
Mitchell Adair
Introduction to Criminal Justice: CJA 105-AUO A01 Argosy University

1 The Uniform Crime Reporting System is a statistical effort that is said to be cooperative of more than ten thousand state, city, and county law enforcement agencies on a basis that is considered to be voluntary when it comes to the reporting crime data that is brought to their attention. These agencies of the law enforcement profession covers more than eighty percent of the population of this
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The Bureau of Justice Statistics of the United States government gathers much information on how the rate of murder has changed over time. The chart below is the murder rate per 100,000 population. Please take notice that in the early 80’s as well as the late 2000’s, our nation experienced periods of recession.(Smith & Cooper, 2011) 3 Over the past three decades, crime has become an issue that is considered to be very major and of concern to the public at large. It has also come a issue that is major when it comes to discussions that are political as well as action and of major public spending funds. Very little is known when it comes to the factors that are the driving force of crime trends and the base of knowledge has far too many limitations when it comes to the supporting forecasts that are considered to be intelligent when it comes to the direction in which the rates of crime are going, especially when it comes to the changing of directions. When it comes to the development of knowledge base such as this, it is vital for the enhancement of public policies that are considered to be rational