Compare and Contrast Interviews to Non-Interview Employee Selection Tests

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Compare and Contrast Interviews to Non-interview Employee Selection Tests
Wendy Brown-Oathout
Argosy University
Assignment 2/LASA 1

The Advantages of Relying on Assessments for Selection The advantages of relying on tests or assessments to select the best job candidate is highly dependent of whether or not the assessment measures the most influential business outcomes for the company doing the hiring. It is important to remember that evaluating candidates is not the primary goal when using assessments. Improving performance outcomes of employees is the ultimate goal of choosing and using the most effective assessment. Companies are in business to increase their bottom line. Learning about their potential employees and
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Specific examples of these types of assessments include personality tests that directly measure a candidate’s sales performance ability. When considering situational judgment measures (SJTs) in relation to maximal performance and typical performance, researchers of a particular study (McDaniel, 2007) pointed out that there has been increased attention related to the typical versus maximal performance difference when determining the best assessment predictors. They included knowledge and behavioral response instructions as a mediator to test both construct and criterion-related validity of SJTs through a meta-analysis. These researchers compared SJTs for both maximal performance and typical performance; the researchers found that maximal performance is viewed as more heavily dependent on cognitive skills than on typical performance. The researchers compared operationally defined differences between behavioral tendency instructions and knowledge instructions, which are the two variations of SJT assessments that were used. Behavioral tendency response instructions were based on the respondents answering how they would possibly act in a particular situation, or by rating the probability that they would perform an action. Conversely, knowledge response instructions asked to


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