Graham K HR Report

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Employee Selection and Performance Appraisal Methods Analysis
Kareemah L. Graham
Ethical Leadership in Organizations and Society, DMBA6109047
University of Maryland University College
April 6, 2014

Executive Summary
In today’s growing population of professionals, it is essential for organizations to implement, articulate, and accentuate the best employee selection and performance appraisals methods. The selection process is what an organization uses to determine which job candidates successfully meets the demands of the job. It also determines what job applicant will fit the organization culture and present work groups. If the selections methods and practices are done poorly, this can ultimately jeopardize the
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Applicants or employees who seek a disability-related accommodation should contact the Head of School or the Director of Finance and Administration, who will consider it promptly and engage in appropriate discussions with the applicant or employee. JPDS-NC will provide reasonable accommodations for qualified applicants and employees with disabilities, barring undue hardship to the operation of the school.
JPDS-NC Employee Selection Process
The first step in the hiring and selection process, begins with a clear description of the job, availability and position. It is the sole responsibility of the organization to ensure that the employee to whom will be delegated specific job responsibilities and duties are capable to perform them and with perfection (Bagley & Savage, 2010). The Director of Finance and Administration and the Head of School make the team of the human resources department at JPDS-NC. The Head of School plays an essential role in the selection process. The Head of School is the direct contact person when candidates are interested in applying for a vacancy within the organization. Unlike the steps discussed in Bagley & Savage (2014, p. 256), JPDS-NC has established steps that are suitable and unique to the organization. The steps include:
1. Applicant responds to job posting by sending an email to the Head of School. The applicant must include a resume and cover letter


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