Understanding Leadership

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Understanding leadership

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1.1 Describe the factors that will influence the choice of leadership styles or behaviours in workplace situations (24 marks)
There are several factors that will influence the choice of leadership styles and behaviours in workplace situations, some of the factors may develop
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1.2 Explain why these leadership styles or behaviours are likely to have a positive or negative effect on individual and group behaviour (24 marks)

The Autocratic leadership style is effective when there are new untrained members of staff who are unaware of policies and procedures, there is a limited time in which to make a decision, a managers power is challenged by an employee and employees do not respond to any other leadership style. It is not effective when employees become emotional, employees expect to have say in decisions, when employees become dependant on mangers for all decision making in the workplace, this style is also ineffective when there low employee moral, a high turnover of staff and absenteeism. The Bureaucratic leadership style is effective when employees need to understand policies and procedures, also when employees are working with dangerous or delicate equipment such as medication and hoisting equipment which require a definite set of procedures and training. It is also effective when safety and security training is being conducted. It is not effective when employees establish work habits that are not beneficial to their clients, also when employees lose interest in their jobs and fellow works. It is also ineffective when employees become stagnated in their work and feel that they only need to do what is expected of them and nothing more. The next leadership


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