Genogram: Family and Grandmother

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Family Genogram Project

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Family Genogram Project The purpose of a student construing a genogram is to help a student gain an understanding of his/her family background. By gaining knowledge of one family it can help the student assist other understand how to help their clients. However, genograms backbone is a graphic depiction of how different family member are biologically, legally, and emotionally related to one another from one generation to the next (McGoldrick, Gerson &Petry, 2007, p.21). A genogram display “family information graphically in a way that provides a quick gestalt of complex family patterns; as such they are a rich source of hypotheses about how clinical problem evolve in the context
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On my dad’s side of the family is part African American and French. My maternal grandmother was one of three children born to my great grandfather. She has two brothers and one sister. My grandmother is still alive and so are her siblings. My Grandfather was one of three children and had two brothers and one sisters are all deceased. My paternal grandparents had one child, which is my father. My maternal grandparents had ten children, my mother’s is the second oldest of ten children. My mother sibling are alive and they are in good health. The genes on my mother’s side are very strong. However, every one of my relatives has similar features. My maternal grandfather was six feet tall, while my maternal grandmother is a mere five foot two inches tall. My paternal grandfather was six feet three, while my grandmother was five foot six. My father took after my Grandfather as being tall. The grandchildren on my mother side turned out to be short like our grandmother. I myself am sort like my Grandmother, and my sister and all my girl cousins are extremely short being between five foot tall and five foot three like our grandmother. Sandy brown hair seems to the dominant color of hair with hazel brown eyes. It seems all of us Knight’s tend to have a look when we are deep concentration. I have three generations of Knight’s in individual pictures with all of us having that same look. My grandfather on my father’s side, Henry Spears


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