Observation Report Project

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During my observations in the different classrooms at “The childcare Center”, I learned about the proper environment, the fundamentals of the teachers lesson plans, their health and safety regulations, their approach to guidance and discipline, and overall quality childcare. The center has eight different levels of age groups; each of them has their own curriculum based on their age and developmental needs. This curriculum changes and has a new theme each month that helps the lead teachers to be able to start their lesson plans each week. From infants all the way to pre-K the lesson plans include fine motor, gross motor, art and sensory, math and manipulatives, music and movement, language including both signing and Spanish.
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All of the child’s belongings must have their first and last name and food and bottles must also include the date and contents. For instance, bottles must have how many ounces it has and whether it is formula or breast milk, and food must have the exact food that is in the container. If the child is full time they will have their own crib, if they are part time they will share a crib with another part time child. The cribs are always 3-stepped (Washed, rinsed, and sanitized) after each use and in between children. In this room the parents provide a feeding schedule that will be followed by the child’s primary care giver throughout the day, the child is also changed every two hours or before if soiled, the child is free to nap as needed throughout the day in their crib on their back without any other objects in or around the crib this is to ensure the both the child’s health and safety. Infant B is the next room starts when the infants become more mobile, in this room they begin to crawl, talk, and even take their first steps up until the age of one year. This room is the same as infant A except they have more toys and objects that focus on helping them learn to stand, crawl, and walk. The lead in this room Ms. Rita


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