Battle Buddy

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Battle Buddy- the idea behind having a battle buddy comes from the guidance of the old Aristotelian adage “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, and has been used in the military for decades. Shield bearer is another term used in ancient Gaul which means something different a soldier carrying a shield to either protect a chief or noble or so the other can be well rested. Might be like a squire that takes care of a knight's armor. Naturally the expression eventually acquired a deeper meaning, and is used in memoirs by veterans to describe their close friends. In today’s combat environment, the term is used to describe the smallest combat unit which can be considered combat effective. A battle buddy can pretty much be anything …show more content…

Make sure you recognize your battle buddies change of emotions. Picking up his or her slack during times of high stress will be much appreciated when it is your turn to have these bouts of emotion. Don't get in the habit of doing your battle buddies work for them, when you get frustrated with your extra chores, the Drill Sergeant will be of little value to you when resolving disputes such as those. Simply learn to recognize when to help your battle buddy out and when to ask for help.
The benefits of having a battle buddy greatly outweigh not having one. Essentially, your battle buddy is an extra set of eyes and ears. Suppose you have to go to sick call for the day. When you return, your battle buddy can fill you in on everything you missed. Now let’s suppose your Drill Sergeant just got finished giving you 10 sentences of instructions. You might retain 8 of those 10 sentences. Your battle buddy also retained 8 of those 10 sentences. Odds are, the both of you didn't miss the same 2 sentences. So, together you absorbed all the instructions. There is strength in numbers, and the battle buddy program proves this.
The system also protects service members since injuries or mental health problems, which a soldier may hide from his or her chain of command, and NCO support channel but it could easily be spotted by their battle buddy. By helping each other out you know that you will make the mission happen no matter if its conus or


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