Patient Escorts at City Hospital

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Human Resource Management
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Patient Escorts at City Hospital

City Hospital is located in the heart of a large Midwestern city. It is one of five major hospitals in the area and has recently built a small addition for treating well-known patients, such as professional football players, top company executives, and singing stars. Visiting or local celebrities always choose City Hospital if they need treatment.

City Hospital has about 1200 hospital beds and employs 4500 individuals, including about 40 patient escorts. The job of patient escort is a rather simple one, requiring no special physical or mental talents. The work is easy, few skills are required, and the pay for the job is considered good. When patients need
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He stated that the questions that really give insights into the employees are no longer on the application blank. He suggested that applicants be asked about their hobbies, outside activities, and their personal likes and dislikes on the application blank.

The head of the staffing section suggested that each applicant be asked to submit three letters of recommendation from people who know the applicant well. He wanted these letters to focus on the prospective employee’s personality, particularly the applicant’s ability to remain friendly and polite at all times.

The human resource manager contended that the hospital’s interviewing procedure should be modified. He observed that during the interview little attempt is made to determine how the applicant reacts under stress. He suggested that if applicants were asked four or five stress-producing questions, the hospital might be in a better position to judge their ability to work with irritable patients.

The assistant human resource director noted that the attribute patient escorts need is always being courteous and polite. She wondered whether a personality test could be developed that would measure the applicant’s traits toward being friendly and helpful. She suggested that the personality traits that are critical to being a successful patient escort be determined and test questions be developed to evaluate these traits. The test questions could then be administered to the hospital’s existing patient escorts to


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