Care Plan Based on Activities of Daily Living Model

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Part A

This portfolio entry requires an assessment and care plan to be presented incorporating the nursing process based on a client that I assisted in the care of during my clinical placement.
The patient on which the care plan will be assessed will be a 72 year old female, May Watters who I assisted in the care of during clinical placement in the Emergency Department (ED). May Watters is a pseudo name to ensure confidentiality to An Bord Analtrais standards (ABA 2000). May was brought in by ambulance which was called by her husband Jimmy. May was brought into the ED for Diarrhoea and Vomiting 5/7 days and generally unwell and weakness and non productive cough. Mays’ husband who is her next of kin was concerned about her deterioration
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Individuality is also said to have an influence on all of the above concepts. This further highlights the link and complex activity of living outlined in the model. The twelve AL’s are seen as core aspects of the model of living. They include: maintaining a safe environment; communicating; breathing; eating and drinking; eliminating; personal cleaning and dressing; controlling body temperature; mobilising; working and playing; expressing sexuality; sleeping; and dying (Roper et al 1996, Roper et al 2001, Brooker et al 2003, and Holland et al 2003) The order in which the ALs’ are planned are in order of importance of the client’s needs (Brooker et al 2003) allowing the nurse to deliver a patient-centred care even though documented under generalised headings.
In planning care, it is important to note that there is a nursing process that organises care systematically. The process involves assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation in a continuum. This activity is considered fundamental in planning to ensure quality and continuance in the delivery care. Assessment is important in this process as it allows the nurse to either plan additional interventions required or document that the identified problem has been resolved (Basford et al 2003, Brooker et al 2003, Gulanick et al 2003). This nursing process is used in the care plan which this


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