Water Privatization Essay

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Water is just as important as air, it is a basic need for life, ever since the beginning when one is searching for life, water is the first thing to look for, without water there is no life. Everyone deserves to have access to water.
Yet 1/8th of the worlds population doesn't have access to safe and clean drinking water. Most of these people are from the developing parts of the world, this translates into 884 million people without safe and clean drinking water, thats equivalent to the size of north and south America. Over the course of the year 1.5 million people die each year from water related causes. Poor countries have been told that private companies, including some of the worlds largest corporations such as Suez, Veolia, Saur, and
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This is evident in La Paz, one of Bolivia’s most poorest regions. ‘Suez’ which is one of the top private water companies in the world, had an 80 million dollar investment into the treatment of their water. However, when Maude Barlow, Author of award winning book ‘Blue
Gold’ visited La Paz herself, she was shocked to find that Suez hasn’t done anything about their water, to make maters worse, Suez diverted raw sewage into ‘Lake Dedecaca’ which is their main lake that flows throughout
La Paz. So in 2007, Bolivia’s government ends ‘Suez’ contract and returns the water system to the people of La paz. This adds on to another example of private companies that have failed to provide safe drinking water.
Many people are fed up with water privatisation because the purpose of water privatisation is to provide potable water and sewage systems, yet in El
Alto, Bolivia, 208,000 people have been excluded from potable water service. Moreover in Africa 1 out of 10 children will die before the age of 5 because of lack of clean drinking water, and yet much of Africa’s water is privatised however many of them wait for as long as 4 weeks waiting for water to come out of the faucet. For rich people, paying for water is not a problem, mainly because they have enough money to pay for it, where else poorer countries don’t. However what is even worse is that poorer people are being charged more for water than rich people who live in an urban area do. Many governments, along with such


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