The Thing That End

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Why it is important to keep sensitive items accountability at all times.

Sensitive Items is a range of items which varies from those which are essential to the mission to those which contain information which is sensitive in nature (i.e. giving access to secure communication, movement of troops, their equipment, support lines or the general idea of the mission.) There are many reasons these items need to be secure and accountability maintained for them. Some of these reasons include the potential to pose a threat to mission success if fallen into the wrong hands, the ability to complete the mission if not maintained by the troops themselves, the security of those around you if not maintained, and the ease and flow with which the
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I can’t expect my chain of command to entrust Soldier’s to me if I cannot be accountiable for my actions. I truly regret not having better accountability of myself. I have caused work to be late due to the fact that I let my personal issues cloud my judgement. It will not happen again. I need to ensure that I always strive to do better and achieve all of the goals in which I have set forth. I now realize that no matter what issue I am having that I need to communicate better with my chain of command so that they can help me. If I would have communicated more with my chain of command then there would not have been an issue with my wear abouts. I need to ensure that I am in the proper place at all times and if I am not then I need to ensure that someone knows where I am at all times. I must ensure that my Soldier’s are where they are supposed to be in their proper uniform. I need to ensure that I am that to receive the proper information to put out to them. If I do not put out the information to my Soldiers then I have failed them. It could be consequences for the Soldier due to me not putting out the information in time. Also, I must always b e accountable for my actions no matter how severe the consequences are. I need to teach the Soldier’s that it is best to have integrity in all situations. By not have good accountability for myself I did not live up to all of the Army values. Once you have neglected one army value


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