Supervision and Appraisal

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The Role of Supervision and Appraisal in Evaluation
And Development of Teachers by: Loveleih G. Quemado

One of the most significant issues in the field of education is the importance of supervision and appraisal. The high levels of expectation about teachers’ performance and their constant monitoring from administrators have been brought about by rapid changes in educational trends that need assurances about the effectiveness of the educational organisation to deliver services. The controversy about supervision and appraisal has been affected by various issues. Literature reveals that supervision and appraisal have both positive and negative effects on an organisation and that the principles of the leadership affect the implementation.
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The appraisee may believe that the results of appraisal will be used as evidence against him or her in terms of being removed from or retained in his/her job.

At a fundamental level, a distinction between supervision and appraisal appears uncomplicated. Professional supervision is designed to consider “learning styles, organisational cultures and school, teacher and student needs” (Walkley, 1998, p. 175). “The humanistic flavour of this professional development approach clearly makes it more attractive to teachers and less threatening than the surveillance orientation.” (Moore and Reid, 1993, p.168) Teachers feel that in this approach, their feelings are also given importance in process of feedback given by the supervisor. “The teachers could use it to bolster flagging self-esteem through the process of being praised and celebrated.” (Moreland, 2009, p. 740)

Both positive and negative features of supervision have been identified. Zepeda and Ponticell (1998) identified categories of supervision at its best as being: (1) supervision as validation, (2) supervision as empowerment, (3) supervision as visible presence, (4) supervision as coaching and (5) supervision as a vehicle


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