Rbi on Discipline

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One thousand words on discipline, one thousand words on the Army Values, and one thousand words on what being a Soldier means to me, not counting words that are less than three letters in length, which i dont uderstand because they are words too, poor little guys, just cause theyre small , they don't exist? Discipline, this part of the rbi is being written and discussed on discipline. I am condudcting this rbi because myself along with a few other soldiers in the platoon fucked up today and since i am on profile and cannot conduct the pushup and the sittup, my profile states that i can only walk at my own pace a distance for Physical Training, which is now called PRT standing for Physical Readiness Training, therefore writing this rbi is …show more content…

So, my bad, this type of incedent from me will not happen again, and this type of behavior from me will not be seen again. Also discipline comes in the same catigory as attitude. In that i mean from what i see, higher leaders, such a platoon sergeants dont have there prorities in order, i believe taking care of soldiers comes first in my mind, i do not see that in our senior leaders. i always take care of my soldiers issues first, i could not care less anout mne until my soldiers issues are resolvled. Leave packets sitting on the same desks for days does not say good things, deamening sldiers, does not say good things, and getting upset when (HOly shit, i am only at six hudred words, and this has to be done by tomorrow morning? This is bullshit) and even denying a soldier theyre right to attend an appontment when a soldier has an appointment whether it interfres with work or not, that does not say that a Non comissioned officer cares about the health and welfare of there soldiers. Overall i believe that the soldiers discipline in this company has dropped because the soldiers in this company feel as though theyre Non-comissioned officers do not care about the health and welfare of them. The mentality in this company seems to be, "If the Non-comissioned


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