A Hero

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Paul Aponte
January 25, 2013
English Literature / Expository


A hero is defined as many things. While many people consider heroes to be larger than life figured, Christopher Reeves says that, "A hero is an ordinary person, who preserves, and endures despite overwhelming challenges". This quote analyzes an unconventional definition of a hero from Christopher Reeve's point of view. What truly makes a hero is the courage to say that, it is not one, which is the hero it is someone else. Someone else that fought and worked hard for the position to be called a hero, because he/she gave up and put everything in risk for the greater good. This can be from
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My mom bit the ears dog to release him from my leg and cured me with penicillin ointment and injected me with anti vaccine to remove any rabid dog infections and diseases. Without my mother’s medical ingenuity, I would never be talking to you this day. This is why I thank my mother for always being there, always taking care of me and always supporting me even if she does things that always embarrass me. It's a mother thing. My mother, my heroic savior she has a love for her children like nothing else in the world. It knows no laws, no pity, it would even dare all things whom interferes and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path, all for her child's sake. She's a true hero.

"A hero is an ordinary person, who preserves, and endures despite overwhelming challenges". Christopher Reeves did not just say this to define a hero but to define himself as the character that all young boys and girls used to see behind the cameras as he played the greatest hero of all times, Superman. We need people like Roy Benavidez and Luisa Aponte in our society, people who act in certain ways and earn the title of a hero. Due to the fact that they rescued soldiers from a battle zone in Vietnam, or aiding an injured child from a dog bite. Even from the little good things you do in life, there will always be a sign from you that tell the people, "Wow! That person is a real


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