Cadbury Gorilla Ad Analysis

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Anuj Kwatra – U110009
Hitesh Agarwal – U110024
History of the Ad

Gorilla Ad is a British advertising campaign launched by Cadbury Schweppes in 2007 to promote Cadbury Dairy Milk-brand chocolate. It was a 90-second television and cinema advertisement, which formed the centre piece of their new ad campaign. It was created and directed by Juan Cabral and starred actor Garon Michael. The campaign itself comprised appearances on billboards, print newspapers and magazines, television and cinema spots, event sponsorships and an internet presence. The entire campaign was handled by the advertising agency Fallon London. Their proposal was to step away from “push” marketing of the product through traditional
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Moreover, he is bouncing with energy while drumming. This part targets people with active filter.

8. Response to change

The ad is a totally new concept with a gorilla as its lead. Surprisingly no words used in it to promote the product. Moreover, the product is nowhere shown directly in the ad. It is very different from any other ad. Thus the ad is a treat for people with difference filter while ignores people with sameness filter.

The ad shows gradual change in the mood of the gorilla. Initially it is calm and relaxed. Then it enjoys the feeling of pleasure and moves on to feel the energy. This occasional change of feelings at a normal pace adheres to people with progress filter.

9. Past, Present and Future.

The ad uses a song (In the air tonight, by Phil Collins) that was composed in 1981. It was a big hit then. Thus people with past filter can relate to this song and will thus relate to CDM.

The gorilla shown in the ad is both active and spontaneous. He seems to be enjoying the moment. These traits are in sync with people having present filter.

The ad concept is very imaginative as it shows a gorilla enjoying music and playing drums. Moreover it generates a sense of anticipation in the viewer’s mind as to what would be coming next. These characteristics of the ad address to the people with future


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