Vigilance Essay

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Spc Drummond, Casey
Vigilance Essay Feb 2015
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The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. (Quote- Desmond Tutu)
Vigilance is defined as the action or state of being alert and watchful. It is concerned both with what is and what will be. Thus it is important to be Vigilant in the army for many reasons. Not the least of which being it could keep you and your buddies alive despite the world’s best attempts to make you otherwise. But it means more than just staying awake and alert at guard duty. It means both being mentally and physically prepared to react to changing conditions and to being aware and cognizant of the current conditions. There are three important categories to discuss here and expound upon. The First is Vigilance
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That is key to being a good leader. Vigilance in leaders is knowing your subordinates. It is digging into the problems meat and solving it rather than just rubbing salt onto it in unseeing haste. Nosce te ipsum or Know thyself is also a requisite form of Vigilance. You must always be aware of what you are and what you will be in any given condition in order to control yourself. Without self-control there is no controlling the world around you. You lose yourself you lose everything. You also must be vigilant to spot the places where improvement can be made or else the opportunity will pass you by.
Constant Vigilance! (Quote by- Mad Eye Moody)
Doubt must be no more than vigilance, otherwise it can become dangerous. (Quote By - Georg C. Lichtenberg)
So in conclusion Vigilance on duty requires you to be vigilant in many other respects as well. You have to maintain the same vigil to your duty and in your duties, to your subordinates and to yourself. Within and without; in the macro and micro scales. Vigilance on and to your duty is a professional and expert quality that should be sought by all. You have to be alert and watchful over yourself before you can be over the world. And then you have to apply the same vigilance to those around you and to the process itself. Vigilance is what stands between you and sloth, between you and failure and what guides you into understanding and progress. But


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