Analysis of Spoken Language

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Spoken language controlled assessment
How do TV chefs adapt and change their language to suit their audience and purpose?
There are as many different styles and variations of spoken language as there are people on Earth as language is an abundant ocean of creativity that will never dry up. The inventions of modern day technology such as the TV have meant that English spoken language is as varied now as it has ever been; you only have to flick through the TV channels to discover the differences in the language a news reporter uses, compared to that of a chat show host. This also applies to different people talking about the same subject; this can be illustrated in the study of Jamie Oliver’s and Gordon Ramsay’s unique adaptations of
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There were no expletives and instead of being insulting, he was cooking a breakfast for his wife which is an act of kindness. ‘Perfect Scrambled eggs’ gives a more realistic representation of how Ramsay speaks in everyday life and this illustrates just to what extent he had to adapt his language in ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ in order to suit the purpose of entertaining the audience. Ramsay also uses Grice’s Maxims (quantity, relation and manner) in his ‘Perfect scrambled eggs’ video. The maxim of quantity can be seen in the way Ramsay communicates a lot of information in a small amount of time by listing the most important things the audience need to know e.g. ‘sit on a low heat’ and ‘into the toaster’ . This suits the purpose of teaching the audience how to cook a delicious breakfast easily. The maxim of relation is demonstrated in the way Ramsay stays on topic and the maxim of manner is evident in Ramsay’s clear speech and the avoidance of ambiguity. This fulfils the audience’s need for comprehensible information.
While Oliver and Ramsay adapt their language to suit their audience and purpose differently, both have effective and ineffective features. It would be impossible to speak in such a way that only has effective elements; however through analysis of each other’s language in such a way, one can discover what techniques will ensure most


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