‘Everyday Creativity Is Always Dialogical in Bakhtin’s Sense’.

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‘Everyday creativity is always dialogical in Bakhtin’s sense’.

To what extent do you agree or disagree wit this perspective?

Traditional definitions of language have often categorised creative activity in the ‘canonical’ literary uses we see in artistic works. However, contemporary definitions no longer confine creativity with language to the work of the novelist or poet. It is a well argued point that the seeds of such literary language reside in what may be described, as the mundane, practical uses of ‘everyday’ talk and writing. This shift in opinion and approach to language study may be largely attributed to the work of Mikhail Bakhtin, who developed a social theory of language. Bakhtin’s main argument was that there should
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This would inevitably have a great effect on the language use, creativity and the way in which the author expressed identity through writing.

One particular example of a diary illustrates how dialogism can shape and form creativity and language use and even (through the responses and evaluations of others, the affordances of the medium and the sociohistorical factors of the time) become appropriated into a new types of genres, elevated from a simple weblog to a broadsheet newspaper and a book. (2006) In 2002 Salam Pax began keeping a personal weblog of life in Baghdad and the events running up to the American invasion of Iraq.
Due to the nature of the internet, the hybrid cross between his diary entries and letters to a friend, became increasing popular with other ‘bloggers’ around the world. In the first entry of his blog, Pax is clearly aware of his potential audience. He writes in English, despite using the medium as a way to contact his Arabic speaking friend and any Arabic terms or references are glossed for English speakers “(for you non-Arablish-speaking people it means ‘later/afterwards’)” (Pax, 2003, cited in 2006, p. 268) . As the popularity of his website grew, Pax responds and rather than addressing his blogs to his friend, he begins to address the international audience. Creativity is exemplified throughout Pax’s writing and there is a great deal of


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