Global Business Cultural Analysis: Germany

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Global Business Cultural Analysis: Germany
Shelly Lynch
Liberty University
BUSI 604: International Business
December 12, 2014

Abstract This Global business cultural analysis of Germany emphasize on the German culture, on the business environment with in the country. In this analysis you will find that the elements and dimensions of Germans culture is observed, an assessment on Germany business verses U.S. businesses and why the U.S states like to do business with Germany. This analysis will also emphasize on Germany’s education system along with their financial system as well.

Global Business Cultural Analysis: Germany When it comes to popular European countries Germany is one of the most popular. Germany has numerous small
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German is the language that is official spoken in Germany. The majority of the population in Germany speak German those who don’t either speak Sorbian, Danish or Turkish. Communication Communication plays a major part in amongst Germans whether he or she are colleagues or they are just acquaintances. Understanding how Germans communicate can go a long way when trying to keep communications open between colleagues and business opportunities. It would be very beneficial for a non-German that is wanting to do business in Germany to learn German so that there won’t be a language barrier between them.
There has been a lot of changes in Germany’s religion throughout its history. In Germany they have what is called a church tax. Germans were charged a church tax except for those who proclaimed they didn’t belong to a church. There were many Germans that left his or her church because they could afford to pay the tax. Roman Catholic Roman Catholic is one of the two main religions that is practiced in Germany. There are about 37 percent Roman Catholics in Germany. Protestants Protestant religion is the other main religion that is practiced in Germany. There are about 45 percent Protestants in Germany. Other Religion Another religion that is practiced in Germany is Muslim; which is about two or four percent of Germany’s population. There is about 35 percent of Germans that do not practice any religion at all.
Values and Attitudes Germans


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