Paradise Built in Hell

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In this book “A Paradise Built in Hell: the extraordinary communities that arise in disaster,” by Rebecca Solnit. Solnit discusses the human nature of individuals amongst disasters. Solnit writes in her first chapter “A millennial good fellowship: The San Francisco Earthquake” captures different accounts of individuals from the 1906 earthquake. There are five sections in this chapter that Solnit will discuss the traits of people in catastrophes. “The Mizpah Café” Solnit describes the kind acts of a citizen Mrs. Anna Amelia Holshouer fed the people and gave them a place to come and gave them a place to come and relax and about they just lost everything “Disaster requires an ability to embrace contradiction in both the minds of those trying …show more content…

Funston believed in authority, power, and underlining tide of human savagery. Jacobson believed in her fellow man but William believed in many things and thought more; the earthquake fed his thoughts or rather touched on much of what he had been thinking (p49-50). Williams James the 1906 earthquake to war which in a sense it was from General Funston’s section “The war against war is gonna be no holidays excursion or camping party” (52). This section summarizes the point of view of a child during the earthquake and how it impacted her life throughout her adult years “Many events plant seeds, imperceptible at the time that bear fruit long afterward” (59). As Day grew up she wanted people to act like they saw beyond themselves onto a bigger picture. “Such a confident of desire and possibility to the private serves the status quo as well: it describes no role for citizenship and no need for social change or engagement (62). This explains why some behaviors changed over time passing from earthquake everyone became private yet again. “Popular culture feeds on this privatized sense of self (62) Dorothy Day impact shows how the earthquake impacted her life and how she dedicated her life to helping others and learning from some of her favorite philosophers. “Even disasters that don’t beget broad social change but often beget transformed individuals who impact their society. Which means every


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