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1. Explain how the benefits of virtualization would impact the city of Sea breeze.
Virtualization is the base for the information technology of enterprise in sea breeze city. This technology is related with the VMware and the other VMM developers. There are many benefits that would impacts the sea breeze city:
Server consolidation: this is not unusual to attain the 10:1 virtual to physical machine consolidation. It means that the ten applications of server could be run on the single machine that is needed as many physical computers to give the single operating system and the environments of technical specification in order to differentiate. The utilization of the server is optimized and the heritage software could be maintaining the old
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3. Analyze the current state of diffusion of virtualization technology.
The virtualization in server is given for the most of the business that are midsized. The technologies virtualization might be changing the landscape. The virtualization is not the new term. The virtualization could be created and maintained without the expenditure of capital. Server virtualization permits the companies to omit the purchasing and instead rent space and the power of computer. (Bonderud, 2014)
4. Discuss potential barriers to the local government’s adoption of virtualization.
The current conducted survey on the virtualization finds the barriers to adoption. The survey results that there is many hurdles in the adoption of virtualization by the government.
i. Many federal executives are not familiar with the virtualization. A survey indicates that only 13% are familiar with the virtualization while 54% have the intermediate level of virtualization. ii. “The executives should have the limited knowledge of how to operate the environments of the virtualized IT” said by the Bryan kopeck. (Klopack, 2014) iii. Virtualization might face the roadblocks at the agencies. About 65% of the executives feel the difficulties in the implementation of the virtualization.
5. Discuss how to gain the support of opinion leaders in Sea breeze.
The virtualization supports the global