Multi-Modal Essay

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Over the past ten to fifteen years, there has been a major change in the way people communicate to each other due to the development of the internet. Because of this, there has been a massive effect on the amount of socialising between friends and family; using technology in online social messaging websites such as Bebo, MSN, Facebook and many more. Through these social messaging websites, more and more people can interact with their friends and family all over the world. An expert professor David Crystal has supported the idea of web-based messages and disagrees with the view that slang and contractions leads to a lower English standard of language. Although this is a benefit to most people, it has been abused by some people by overusing …show more content…

Usually we make mistakes while speaking and some people use colloquialism while speaking just like they do when they write. Spoken and written language both use reiteration as well as fillers of hesitation like ‘umm’ or ‘err’. Some of the differences between spoken and written forms are that, written language uses many merges (two words combined that does not exist); some people may make up words in spontaneous speech by being a neologist; this is creative and shows that the youngsters are creating their own dynamic culture. Written language today uses more acronyms like ‘ttyl’ and ‘lol’ which would not make sense if you are speaking those words out loud. On the other hand, contractions like that would never come up in a spoken conversation.
Written language uses a plethora of emoticons; ‘emotion’ ‘icons’ are a range of smileys with different expressions and feeling to show how one is feeling. However, this new mode of communication has destroyed the established norms of grammar. This is so because many individuals clip words into graphemes by creating their own reality. Moreover, due to a deviation to sentence structure, syntax and the use of punctuation, languages are losing their linguistic identities. Most unimpressively, nowadays, many people are even unable to spell words correctly due to the powerful influence of Skype, twitter and Facebook, with in turn provides a platform for people to unleash their own linguistic creativity. As a result of


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