Eat Task 1

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In the area of education, teaching language arts is one of the most crucial and critical elements in the process of learning. In elementary education teachers must ensure that an effective language arts program is a complete, orderly, and clear program that involves activities that fit to state and/or national standards teaching essential skills and strategies by using activities that are organized to meet those objectives. They must also engage students with active participation to foster learning yet set clear and high expectations and differentiate instruction according to assessed needs as progress monitoring and assessment is used to determine if those objectives and standards have been achieved. While reading, writing, listening, and …show more content…
The reason for this is because the students must be taught to be attentive listeners because being an attentive listener is not an instinctive skill. Teachers need to model attentive listening in all grade levels by creating an environment that encourages listening. This can be done by teaching the students to listen while others, including the teacher and fellow classmates, are speaking. The second part of this then teaches students to respond in an appropriate an open manner, as the teacher fosters positive interactions while minimizing distractions and interruptions. Another component of any language arts program is speaking, which is the communication of ideas through the use of oral language (Roe & Ross, 2006). Communicating successfully and suitably is a vital skill but the usage of written messaging using acronyms and odd sayings of words and phrases which has then become slang has hindered proper oral language usage. In the early elementary grades, students are engaged in a great deal of songs poems, and chants, and are also taught how to speak in complete sentences through proper modeling and encouragement by their teacher. It is through this modeling that students gain more confidence in their speaking abilities and they begin to use common social greetings, ask and answer questions, restate and execute multi-step oral directions, retell stories, engage


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