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CyraCom International Inc. SWOT Analysis

One night in 1981, Jeff Munks, a police office in San Jose, CA responded to an urgent call and arrived at a residence where a Vietnamese immigrant who spoke no English was screaming and waving his arms agitatedly. Next to him, his son was having trouble breathing. After Jeff guessed what had been happening and immediately called for an ambulance, he kept thinking about emergency situations where danger is exacerbated because of a language barrier. This resulted in Telephone Interpretation being offered since that year. This service connects trained interpreters via telephone to Limited English Proficient (LEP) Individuals. Cyracom International is one of those companies that provide critical
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Not only have Richard and his HR team worked really hard, but the company has had a long time policy that any employee gets a $200 reward after successfully bringing in a new interpreter to work for CyraCom. Apparently, something underlies the fact that the company is “Arizona’s fastest-growing job creator in 2013 and second fastest in 2012 for creating over 800 jobs in the state” as it claims in its homepage. Opportunities
A new market to exploit, together with favorable circumstances resulting from Executive Order 13166 are two out of many opportunities that the language service industry in general, and CyraCom in particular have encountered.
Fortune Magazine views the approximately “9% of people in the U.S. who don’t speak English a sizable market waiting to be tapped” (www.fortune.com/adsections). They are right, as according to the U.S. Census, a foreign migrant enters the United States every 22 seconds. These people need insurance, healthcare as well as other products and services… while the agents and insurance carriers need the means to explain and sell them. This partly accounts for the phenomenon that language services industry having the growth and revenue numbers that resist recession.
On August 11, 2000, then-President Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 13166 which “requires that the Federal agencies work to


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