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UCB: Managing Information for Globalization and Innovation

UCB: Managing Information for Globalization and Innovation

BML 106
BML 106


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Formally as Union Chimique Belge when it began in 1928, UCB was one of the largest
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The only other alternative would be to stick to their normal system in place and make changes as the years go on.
Choice: The UCB help desk chose to go for the centralized data system. The decision making process would have been influenced by factors such as the cost-benefit analysis where they would weigh benefits the system would bring towards the organisation against the cost, such as how efficient the help desk can work and help their clients, its impact on organisation operations and also whether it would fill in the gaps of their service that they couldn’t provide previously such the limited number of languages spoken which would help them to keep up with people’s expectations keeping in line with competition.
Implementation: Upon creating the customized database system, UCB implemented the system throughout the help desk and also through to Chemicals to help provide technical assistance to customers whilst asking for feedback and adjust the system accordingly to meet their needs.
Evaluation: Alongside the benefits previously mentioned such as helping staff to work more efficiently and helping their client’s. UCB reported success as there was an increasing demand for more novel applications used to track computer assets and software licences. After implementing the system, UCB encountered rapid regional


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