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Step 1: State Your Argument

Based on your existing knowledge of American Indian–colonial relations in North America, write an argument to use as the basis of your research.
The French experienced the best relationship with the natives as they were very cooperative with the Natives, peacefully tried to convert them and married Native women and integrated with them. The Spanish came behind the French as they integrated with them as well however they were much more violent in exploiting them for resources through systems like the encomienda system. However, the English had the most tarnished relationship with the Natives as they looked to expand at the Natives expense and saw the Natives as inferiors.
Step 2: Research Notes

Use the chart
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The Spanish on the other hand, responded harshly in terms of economy, peacefully in terms of cultural responses, and oppressed the Native Americans in terms of religion and were in between the French and English in terms of their relationship with Natives.
The French responded with no oppression, culturally befriended Natives and responded peacefully with regards to religion. French were engaged in the beaver-trading business which stood as their main priority in the “new world.” The French traded with Native Americans for furs and other things for what Natives valued including knives, beads, and soon guns. This helped to indirectly boost the Native Americans’ economy. They also did not establish numerous settlements along the wilderness but rather trading posts as their main goal was not to colonize but conduct trade and economically benefit from the trading. This was in partly because the French were few in number in the new world so to help defend themselves they befriended the Indians and developed peaceful, mutually benefiting relations. For example Samuel Champlain and the Quebec colony engaged in a friendly relationship with native Huron Native Americans. The French peacefully attempted to convert the Natives but not through violent means unlike the Spanish and the English. The French were much more tolerant and kind in large part due to their different goals


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