Leadership and Management

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In today's world economy companies come and go every single day. It takes good strong leadership and management to guide an organization to success. While many people consider management and leadership to be synonymous they are in reality two different concepts. A person can be a good leader but if he does not know how to manage a company that company will be destined to fail. Also if a person had great management skills but lacks in leadership no matter how good he is if he can not lead his employees towards the goal then it is a failed attempt at success. Management is considered a job description whereas leadership is considered a trait. In this paper we will differentiate between management and leadership. We will also examine how …show more content…

Yet a leader still must be able to separate himself from the workforce to administer praise or punishment when called to do so. Unlike managers who a workforce must obey , a leader is a person that a workforce chooses to follow. It is very important that a leader never forget that leadership is also a responsibly.
Now since we have the basic ideas how management and leadership differ from each we can look how they are used in the everyday world. A good example is how the United States Military operates. The individuals that are considered the management teams are the commissioned officers. It is up to the officers to plan missions, organize resources, and write up the rules and regulations that the military is operated by. It is up to the leadership abilities of the Non-commission officers (NCO's) to execute the missions already planned, and to make sure that the soldiers under them adhere to the rules and regulations created by the officers above them. It is the NCO's that inform the soldiers what the goals are and give the soldiers motivation to pursue that goal. It is also the NCO's that connect the officers to the soldiers in working toward the planned goals.
Leaders are a key element to a successful organization. We know it is through their leadership abilities that a workforce gets the job done, but they also have another responsibly and that is to create and maintain


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