Wgu Leadership Rjat Task 1

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Course Weekly Timeline 3
TASK 1 Requirements 4
TASK 1 Rubics 5
TASK 1: A1. Leadership Style Evalulation 6 A2. Leadership Style Comparison 9 A3. Effective Leader 11 A4. Pitfalls 12 A4a. Overcoming Pitfalls 12 A5. Potential Synergies 13 References: 14

Week | Weekly Assignments | Date Due | One | 1. Complete the Teamwork section of the course of study. 2. Schedule and conduct first team meeting (Note: Detailed instructions for scheduling the first team meeting can be found in the course of study.) 3. Complete the Team Contract and have team leader submit to
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After carefully answering the case study located in the first chapter, the following results below were recorded. The book explains that the style with the highest percentage would be categorized as the main style, any style with 15 percent or more was a backup style, and any style with less than 15 percent was a limited style. According to this explanation, Director was marked as the main style, and the remaining categories fall within the backup styles.

Leadership Style | Points | Percentage | Director | 17 | 34 | Problem Solver | 15 | 30 | Developer | 9 | 18 | Delegator | 9 | 18 |

My Main Style While following in the instructions of this task, the following will detail the explanation of the main style which is director, and the highest secondary style as the backup style which is Problem Solver, and the last two categories would also follow under the backup style, as they are higher than 15%. (Beck & Yeager, 2001)

Main Style Description
Director is my main leadership style. As an example to this style, I will use the startup of this course. When the course mentors mentioned in the mandatory startup meeting that if any members were interested in leading or facilitating the kickoff meeting for this course, that they should email and express this desire. Before the meeting ended, I had already sent an email offering to jumpstart the team. Instead of sitting back and waiting for someone