The Nature and Function of Leadership

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The Nature and Function of Leadership
Sai Yang
May 25, 2015
ED7540- Leadership in Higher Education

1919 S.22ND ST.
Sheboygan, WI 53818
Instructor: Jerry Halverson
Many institutions of higher education are push and constantly challenged by a feeling of shared governance that models a top down structure; this obviously contributes in creating an atmosphere where the leaders will be and are often questioned, sometime they are even challenged by the lower tiers of management (Tagawa, 2012). In this particular case, it’s an issue that is a common occurrence in higher institution that test many administrators and their leadership ability. Dr. Smith, as the provost of the university, was
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If I was in Dr. Smith’s situation I don’t think I would’ve done many things differently, but with that being said I also would’ve use more options available and incorporate it into the overall planning. Some steps I’m might have don’t differently is the utilization of everyone and just not my own team because I felt that they had more experience by already been through the process. I would have addressed at this mandate with an action plan that included all stakeholders in the assessment plan, most importantly the academic dean of the university. By including all important parties involve with the process can also lead to end other negative issues such as the current hostile culture in place at the university. If the outcome of utilizing everyone is successful it could change the current environment to a more collaborative environment instead of us/them culture. I do believed that Dr. Smith was in a situation where it would’ve been a difficult decision for anyone. This is something that many Administrations in higher education faced daily, many times there are a vast majority who may not agree and share the same ideas. What Dr. Smith did was not for himself but for the best interest of the University. We must know that Dr. Smith is already facing a budget that was low and


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