What Leadership Means to Me

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What Leadership Means To Me

By: Cindy Ouellette

MGT 420 Theory and Practice of Leadership

Instructor: Rick Chaffee, Ph.D.

January 24, 2012


Leadership is a very broad topic; I never knew just how many different traits and skills that it takes to become an effective leader. Some of which I was familiar with, and others that I was not aware of, but now from taking this course, they all seem to be necessary for the role of leadership. The attached paper, will explain of some of the important theories and concepts that I thought were most important to be able to become and effective leader.

There were four theories that I found especially helpful for
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“A new survey reveals that many of today's leaders have personality traits that leave them in the corporate equivalent of a deep sand trap. Fortunately, there is a cure: leaders can overcome behaviors and habits that derail their careers if companies offer high-quality development programs. That is the lesson of a survey from Development Dimensions International (DDI), a global human resource (HR) consulting firm specializing in leadership development and selection system design. Effective leadership is supreme to success today, but unfortunately investment in crucial HR systems, from selection to succession management, is falling short at all levels”. This is so true in the company that I am employed with, Goodrich, its lack of having the correct tools available for management to use, (The Canadian Manager. Toronto: Winter 2001. Vol. 26, Iss. 4; pg. 15, 2 pgs). .

Psychodynamic Approach and Team Leadership

Determining your psychodynamic approach was very interesting out come for me. I can see where this approach could benefit for both the leader and the follower depending of the personality at that moment. Below I will describe the psychodynamic type that I am and relate it myself in the workplace. Psychodynamic approach expresses to leaders personality characteristics and the understanding the responses from their subordinates, based on their personalities. They could


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