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1. Understanding the links and differences between management and leadership

1.1 Discuss the concept of leaders as effective managers

Leadership and management go hand in hand but is not the same thing, but are linked and compliment each other.
There has been debate about the difference between leadership and management. With some believing there is no distinction, while others that they should be separated in two defined roles.

A common definition is:

Management is about the day to day running of a function and getting the right people and resources in the right place with a focus upon implementation.
Leadership is about creating a vision for that function and gaining peoples commitment by strategic direction.
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Help to make decisions and understand the wider environment in which they operate. By understanding these environments it is possible maximise opportunities and minimise risks.
PESTLE stands for – Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal, and Environmental.

Using this tool as part of decision making process helps to evaluate styles required, for example:

Persuasion – Tell or Sell
Commitment or Control
Proactive or Reactive
Approach – Sets direction or plans details
Achievement or results

Knowing yourself, people, organisation and factors that influence the task, team or individual will enable the correct balance to be made. An organisation requires both effective management and effective leadership to be successful, this can be difficult to find, but these attributes can sometimes be found in the same person.

2.Understand leadership principles that support organisational values.

2.1 Evaluate the role of the leader in contributing to the creation of the organisation’s vision, and in its communication to others.

A leader has a vision or has same beliefs in meeting the organisations vision.
Has the drive and commitment to move their vision forward despite often encountering barriers.
Has integrity and inspires trust in that their people follow as they believe it is the right thing to do.
A leader innovates, develops, positively encouraging people to do it right and better.

Leader will understand and


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