Understanding Leadership

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| Article Review - Understanding Leadership | by W.C.H Prentice | | Submitted by Dominic Jenks Leadership & Management Development, Module 2 – 17th September 2012 | |


In this article written by W.C.H. Prentice the key point that the author is highlighting is that Leadership is the accomplishment of a goal through the direction of human assistants. Prentice believed that if a Leader can get to understand his fellow workers through communication and
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If these traits exist they will illuminate through the team and become the culture within the group. It is important that I as a leader would recognise my own leadership style and how this affects the team. I feel as I manage a team in an open environment the team’s perception of me becomes even more important.

Troubles of a Subordinate
Prentice beliefs that it is not easy to be a subordinate and the reason for this would be the main factor of the psychological difficulty of being a subordinate. Many subordinates belief if they take orders from another it limits the scope of their independent decisions and judgement. I would agree with this statement from Prentice as it is important to find the balance of dependence and independence which actually suits their needs. To ensure that a subordinate does not feel inferior it is important for them to know that there are not considered inferior but are accepted as equals but at the same time a leader should be able to exert authority when appropriate. It is important for a leader to understand that certain subordinates will have a need to be able make decisions and have a certain level of independence without the fear of retribution if an error occurs. I feel within the Barry Group these issues can limited or reduced with the existence of Team Meetings, Individual Meetings & a comprehensive appraisal / performance management process. As a manager with years of management experience I feel that I


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