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Abercrombie & Fitch Case Analysis

Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F) is an American was founded in 1892 by David T and the first store was located on Water Street in lower Manhattan. At that time, A&F was originally and outdoorsmen store, a few presidents and famous explorers purchased. Nowadays, A&F become one of the most popular clothing for youth which age of 18-22 year old people, especially for the college students. The company catered four brands thought different life stages – from elementary school to post-college. The A& F co. retailer managed four brands, which are A&F, Abercrombie kids, Hollister Company, and Ruehl, but the Ruehl is closed in early 2010.
Through my writing, A&F’s
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According to a report that 75 teens were asked “Do you like A&F”, 43% of them answered no. So A&F should work harder to satisfy their needs. 2. Competitors from other apparel companies
Competition from mass marketer was also an important threat for A&F. for example, Hermann’s World of Sporting Goods, who sold discounted products. 3. high overhead cost and rising cost of materials
Mistakes or successes:
Since A&F was founded, it made some mistakes. Firstly, the lack of professional managers and leadership, employee theft and shoplifting occurred because of that. This could be easily avoided if the company was under good management. Secondly, problems of unfairly treated its employee. As we all know, if we enter a store and all the salespersons were smiling at you, and energetically answered you question or found the products that you need, it made a lot difference. As to A&F, if there employee think that the company did not pay their overtime working wages or be forced doing something, how could they work well for you? Lastly, racial discrimination, as I write above, this is the biggest failure as to me. If this problem did not occur, A&F could have much more royal customers than now.
As to the success, I think this is obviously. The company’s strategies that providing


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