Team Based Health Care Delivery

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Team-Based Health Care Delivery
Maria Reodique
Grand Canyon University: HCA-515-0101
June 16, 2015

Introduction Health care has evolved and is continuously evolving. The management of care now involves different clinicians to better assess, diagnose and cure a patient. The clinicians evolved from a general practitioner to a team now comprised of Physician’s Assistant, Nurse, License Practical Nurse and Specialists. These health care professionals now compose a team of health care providers that are essential in a patient’s over all health care. The team-based approach is a delivery system that provides a patient an all-encompassing health care delivery system. “ By practicing in a team-based care model, physicians and other
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Illnesses that the patient has a high risk factor due to genetic pre-disposition are information that can be derived through a well-taken medical history. “In UK, according to the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE), as many as 500,00 people may have chronic infection, with most disease seen among migrants who acquired their infection in childhood from their native country. “ (Gill & Kennedy, 2015). An example is cancer. Is there a history of cancer that can affect the patient’s liver, knowing that she is now diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis B?
The patient in this case comes from a cultural background that has fatty and salty foods in its daily food intake. This will impact the patient’s goal to lower the cholesterol and blood pressure. The patient will have to undergo a total life style change, which will be difficult but attainable with the proper guidance of her medical team. Examples of life-style changes that the patient can incorporate in her daily life are walking everyday or consistent exercise, start on a low-sodium diet, and incorporate more vegetables and fruits. “Behavioral interventions targeting diet and physical activity may help alleviate the higher burden of chronic disease risk that is exacerbated by unhealthy diet and physical activity…” (Thomson, Tussing-Humphreys, Goodman & Zoellner, 2015).
The socio-economic status is a factor and in this case, the patient is insured and gainfully employed. Being


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