Project Implementation Plan/Cpmgt305

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Project Implementation Plan: Part 2

Veronica Garza


May 11, 2015
James Wood

Project Implementation Paper

In a project it is very important to make sure you’re planning stages are complete and concise. Planning the project and all the steps involved can be cumbersome and seem tedious, however, when it comes to making sure the project is seen through to completion, the Project Manager has to make sure there are steps followed in order to make it to that point. One of the steps involved in making it to the end is to create the Communication plan and the Risk Analysis. The communication plan will outline all communication methods and how certain aspects should be relayed to either the team or the
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High-level project scope (less than 50 words)

This project is to develop an online tool for a client’s sales team to have the ability to manage their accounts. All sales management and sales people of the company will have access to develop account plans for their customers and to track their own sales results. As well as have the capability to create customer proposals. Therefore, internal client requirements include open access to all results, singular identity status for privacy, tracking, and accountability. Stakeholders for this project include top executives of the client organization. We, as the information technology organization in charge of this client’s project will develop and test the new system. Plus, before implementation of the project, we will conduct more testing with client employees to try and provide feedback so that all kinks can get worked out, as well as allow for employee usability.

3. Problem to be solved or opportunity to be realized by this project (less than 25 words)

This project can provide an opportunity to the organization. It will allow the ability for sales management, and sales teams to track and improve production. It will also allow for the organization to monitor and account for the number of sales, customer relation and feedback, and provide accurate sales status reports.

4. Project purpose or justification including