Wikileaks Ethics

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2006 saw the formation of what would soon become a world player in journalism. Julian Assange created Wikileaks as a whistle-blower's resource, a place where those with something important to share could do so without retribution and with full anonymity. Information dumps from the United States government, corporations, and even private groups and individuals drew mixed results and painted a strange picture of this organization. Its proponents tout it as returning to journalism's roots, a second Pentagon Papers. Its opponents cite damaged international relations and mass invasions of privacy as grounds to declare this organization anathema. This paper will explore the impact that Mr. Assange has had on the last decade of
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His own country is made weaker by his actions. While Julian Assange has created a storm around the government, how has he acted against the people in general, and the private sector? Wikileaks has went on the offensive with the private sector. Sony has had its inner workings laid bare with all the data lost from the April 2015 data hack spilled onto the Wikileaks website. It is indexed in its entirety. The world now knows, for example, that the Spiderman 3 actor Andrew Garfield was fired for missing the Sony gal dinner in Rio de Janeiro (Friedman, 2015). Wikileaks has also directly influenced the market value of one Bank of America, dropping its stock price 3% hours after the rumors that there would be an announcement about them were published (White, 2010). Wikileaks has revealed the rites and rituals of various groups as well, such as Mormons and Masons, fraternities, and sororities. This includes many that have never had a record for distasteful conduct, but that Wikileaks elected to share out of his own need to open all stores of information to all people. It appears that should your organization foster any sort of confidentiality among members, you will be under fire from this menace. Turning specifically to private citizens, a new search has opened that info dumps Linkd In profiles from anyone with connections to numerous


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