Future Trends in Health Care

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The future trends in health care are limitless. From using applications that perform EKG’s to robot-assisted surgery, the rapid expansion of technology applications in health care is astounding. Advancing technology also pushes the boundaries of health care in its ability to integrate health care information. The integration of health care information is critical to the effective, efficient delivery of quality care in a now fragmented health care system. This paper will assess how the internet or any new forms of electronic communication can be used as an external delivery source of communicating patient-specific information, address the impact of distance delivery on health care, how these communication issues impact health care today and …show more content…
One method to facilitate communication between health care providers is having an electronic medical record. Electronic medical records (EMR) systems help ensure consistent documentation and timely monitoring of disease-specific clinical measures, but computerized disease management systems (CDMS) can also help coordinate workflows and communication among providers as well as provide clinical support and education to patients, thereby leading to better health outcomes. (Follen, M., Castaneda, R., Mikelson, M., Johnson, D., Wilson, A., & Higuchi, K., 2007). Another EMR application is the coordination of specialist care. When a provider identifies an issue in need of specialist attention, the provider is able to electronically transfer the patient’s medical records to the specialist for review and treatment plan coordination.

Today, IT in healthcare must operate on a “real-time” basis rather than in analyzing what happened in the past so that providers can make more immediate interventions in the care provided to individuals in all settings—in the hospital, at the clinic or at home (Milliard, 2012). Five years from now, mobile and tablet devices could monitor and improve health and wellness. Patients will take more responsibility for their care. A recent survey conducted by McKinsey & Co. and the MIT Center for Digital Business found that companies who had the data they needed and used it to make informed decisions as compared to relying more on


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